Whose Name Will You Promote?

February 28, 2021 Speaker: Series: Genesis

Passage: Genesis 10:1– 11:9

Series Sermon #9: In this passage, God uncovers one of the most pervasive, root sins that springs up from human hearts. That is, this text reveals one of the things about sinful hearts that God hates. The way Moses tells the story focuses on what became of Noah's sons. He tells this story in two acts: 1) the Table of Nations and 2) the Tower of Babel. These acts not only narrate how humanity divided into different nations, they reveal what caused this great dispersal. The dispersal of humanity was due to God's curse on humanity's desire to "make a name for themselves." In this sermon, Pastor Brent challenges us not to seek the advancement of our own name but the name of God. 

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