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Branding and design are part of the story of an organization. As God has been writing the story of Colonial Baptist Church, clearly, a new page has turned with the arrival of Pastor Brent (July 2016). And though we anticipate God’s work in our future, we cannot turn our backs on his work in our past. If there is one word that has characterized CBC, it is the word "grace." What symbol could capture both our name ("Colonial") and the idea of grace?

Have you ever walked through colonial Williamsburg and noticed the amazing trees? They are living, growing, mature. They have patiently weathered many a storm. They are steadfast and hardy. This is what the grace of God does: it provides all we need for salvation, nourishment, and growth in Christ. It makes us patient and steadfast—people of grace.

A walk through Williamsburg also reveals the prevalent use of wood as a decorative and architectural feature: wooden buildings, wooden signs, wooden posts and fences. Our new logo has a wooden ring encircling the Colonial "C" to pay homage to the colonial heritage of our area (evident in our church name) as well as to symbolize the tree and grace. We explored logos that more obviously portray a tree, but ultimately, we felt that keeping our connection to the former logo by modernizing the "C" (including font and color) would be best.


Though the symbols we employ may change with time, we praise God that our mission and purpose remain unchanged: "Displaying God's glory by making disciples through the gospel of grace." Thank you for partnering with Colonial Baptist Church to pursue this mission from our neighborhoods to the nations.

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Modified Worship Times

Saturday 5:00pm and Sunday 9:30am