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What are community groups?
A community group is. . .
(1) . . . a gathering of church members who live relatively near each other. . .
Ideally, each community group will have three hosts and three facilitators living in relative proximity. Each
community group will have the freedom to coordinate their schedule of who hosts and who facilitates each
month. We encourage CBC members and guests who live near the area of the three host homes to be a
part of that community group.
(2) . . .who eat, discuss a Bible passage, and pray together. . .
To facilitate the growth of meaningful community, each community group will share a meal, study a chapter
of Scripture, and spend time in prayer for one another. 
(3) . . .on the 2nd Sunday evening of each month.
The gatherings will take place at least every 2nd Sunday evening of the month. Community groups are
encouraged to gather more frequently as they are able.

How do I host a community group?
As a host, you would share the responsibility, along with two other hosts, for providing a space for your
community group to meet. There can be significant flexibility in how you serve as a host in your community
group (i.e., in your home, at a park, half in your home, half in another hosts home).

How do I lead a community group?
As a leader, you would share the responsibility, along with two other leaders, for guiding a discussion time
focused on a passage from Scripture. There can be significant flexibility in leading this time in your
community group.

Are you interested in being placed in a Community Group?

Please click here to fill out a form, and a Pastor will contact you with info about available groups.