Parent Resources

Below are some key resources for parents of our clubbers. They will help you be effective in your part of their discipleship and help us run our club well.

Parent Handbook

The Awana@Colonial Parent Handbook will orient you more precisely with our ministry here at Colonial Baptist. Please take some time to peruse this handbook for information on this ministry and specifics about the upcoming club year. 

Price List

This price list includes the items often purchased throughout the year for clubbers.  Required items include dues, handbook, and uniform.  Optional items (e.g. book bags, t-shirts, CDs, etc.) are also available for order.

A Theology of Children & Philosophy of Ministry

This document was prepared by David and Sally Michael for Children Desiring God, the ministry division for children at Bethlehem Baptist Church. Here you will find great Biblical information on the value of children, their nature, and the responsibility parents are given to nurture and discipline their children. This document also outlines the implications for the church as a whole and specifically for its ministry to these individuals. This is worth your time and study!

Parent Resources from

Awana's website has some very helpful information about the clubs and the handbooks each clubber works through during each year they are in club. To find out more about a particular club, click the corresponding club name.




Awana Connection (Scholarships)

Certain colleges award scholarships to those who have achieved the Citation Award, and others even offer scholarships to Timothy & Meritorious winners. Click on the link below for a list of colleges and the specifics of their scholarships.

Scholarship Info & Participating Schools



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