"...God...loved us and sent His Son..."

- 1 John 4:10


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April Dickson

Cubbies Director

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Cubbies meet in the rear of the Children's Ministry Building (click here to see a full campus map).

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     Arrival/Art Time:   6:40-7:00 pm
     Flag Time/Story Time/
  7:00-7:25 pm
     Handbook Time/Snack:   7:30-7:55 pm
     Game Time:   8:00-8:15 pm
     Dismissed:   8:20-8:30 pm

Cubbies Announcements


Dear Parents,

Thank you for bringing your child to Cubbies.  They are going to learn so much this year!  God is using our club to raise up kids who are devoted to knowing Scripture, loving Him, and reaching others with the gospel.

The following paragraphs outline important details about our club. You can also download this information here.

Verse Schedule

We will follow this schedule for our Cubbies as they work through their Apple Seed book this year. 

  • Please do not bring your child before 6:35 pm. We use this time to set up and perform administrative duties.

  • When you arrive, please check your child/children in at the Welcome Center, then walk them to the Children's Ministry Building, drop them off at the Cubbies room, take their items to their team table, and exit through opposite door.

  • Please take your child to the restroom prior to check in. Restroom interruptions take two leaders away from club. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

  • "No talking; no walking; hands to yourself."

  • Your child will be eligible for a uniform AFTER they complete their entrance booklet.

  • It is best to sew on award patches, and placement guides can be found in the back of the Cubbies handbook.

  • Please send some type of bag or backpack to keep your child's belongings together.

  • Cubbies work at the same pace through the handbook, with one section required each week in order to finish the book by the end of the year. Please work on the verse with your child throughout the week so they will be in tune to the week's lesson and theme. If your child is absent, we will work to get them caught up upon their return to club.

  • Apple Tree sections are optional activities that you complete with your child.

  • Your child will receive an award patch at the end of each "Path."

  • If your child has food allergies, please send a snack for them and inform their team leader. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!

Game Time:
  • Please have your child wear tennis shoes on club nights because the gym floor can be slippery.

  • Points are given for club attendance, bringing a Bible, bringing a handbook, bringing a visitor, theme night participation, sections, Apple Tree sections, and Sunday School attendance.

  • Points are redeemed periodically in our Awana Store.

  • If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to call, text, or email me at (757) 635-5935 /  


God Bless!
April Dickson

Cubbies Director


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