Awana Clubs

Club Segments

The evening starts off with everyone (except Cubbies) in the gym for our flag ceremony.  After that, the evening is broken up into three 30-minute segments:

Small Group Time
This 30-minute segment is dedicated to interactions with the clubbers and leaders to work through the lession and recite Bible verses which they has studied all week at home. Clubbers will receive points for each section they say, which will be used later to purchase items from the Awana Store or Carnival.
Game Time
These 30 minutes involve organized game activities. This activity is monitored by the leaders to ensure sportsmanship and to prevent any injuries. Our goal is to teach our youth how to win or lose gracefully and to promote interaction among their peers. NOTE: clubbers are expected to wear tennis shoes to participate and be safe.  
Large Group Time
This 30-minute segment involves a Bible-centered group lesson, often directly related to their section for that week, is presented by each club.


Club Details

Click on the club logos below for more specific information about each of our clubs. 

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Sunday Morning Worship